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Orange County Attorney for Paternity Matters

Proving or Disproving Paternity

Orange County family law attorney Marc E. Mitzner is here to help in any matter concerning paternity. With a wide in paternity issues, he can be the experienced legal representative that may make the difference in the manner in which your case is resolved. As a lawyer who has chosen to practice family and divorce law, exclusively, you can be confident that he has the experience and know how to advise you. Being a father is an important responsibility. When paternity is questioned by either parent or legal authorities , or even if both parents in agreement as to the parentage of the child born outside of marriage, it is imperative that an Orange County Court make a judgment about the paternity question.

Why Is It Necessary to Have the Courts Declare Paternity?

There are many cases in which, to have paternity legally established makes circumstances more beneficial for all involved. For instance, in a case where the child is born outside marriage, one would need to go to Court to seek paternity judgment in order to have any legal right for custody or visitation with that child. By taking the necessary blood test, petitioning the Court and establishing legal paternity you are ensuring your parental rights will be recognized and you are also protecting the rights of your child.

If on the other hand, you believe you are not the father, a simple DNA or blood test will confirm or deny your paternity. If that is proved true and you are not the father, this fact can be submitted to the Court. As a result, you will not be obligated in any way for the care or support of that child that is not yours. And this may clarify, not only for you- but can also, therefore, deny the claims of the mother and "threats" or harassment from her claiming the need of your support.

It is also not uncommon for a father to feel that their wife has had a child that was not his. You should know that you have two years from the time of the birth of the child in order to challenge paternity. If it is proven you are not the father - you are not legally obligated to any support that child.

Marc E. Mitzner is familiar with all these paternity situations. He is experienced on how to navigate the Orange County Court system in the most expeditious and smooth manner. He is here to help in your paternity case. Contact him for a confidential free consultation where you may discuss the specifics of your case. Call (800) 774-0483 today!

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