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About Child Support

In Orange County, child support is when one parent is required by the Court to provide financial help and aid for the child's basic living expenses. Basic living expenses may be considered, but not exclusive to- shelter, food, clothing and education. The Orange County Court orders the parent to pay a specified amount for child support and it is paid directly to the child's custodial parent. In cases of mutual or joint custody, it is not uncommon to have one of the spouses pay a "subsidiary "child support amount to the other parent, when one parent makes more money than the other. If you are facing any type of child support situation, attorney Marc E. Mitzner is here to help. Having practiced in Orange County for almost 20 years, he is familiar with the Courts and judges and can present your side of the case with strength and determination.

Trial Courts determine the amount of periodic installments the parent shall pay. The amount can vary greatly between different cases. The Court will always take into account a number of circumstances - the child's age, health, standard of living that the child would have enjoyed if the family had continued living under one roof, educational needs, the time that is spent with each parent and the ex-spouses' financial resources.

The Orange County Courts generally determine child support by evaluating and regarding the net monthly income of both parents. Sometimes the Courts will also require that if bonuses are received a percentage will then be paid to child support, as well. However, the Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act require parents to pay a fair and reasonable contribution to the child's support whether or not there has been any marital misconduct. Furthermore, in California family code section 3580 it states; that the husband and wife… "may provide in the agreement for the support of either of them and of their children during the separation or upon the dissolution of their marriage. The mutual consent of the parties is sufficient for consideration for the agreement." In other words, child support may be negotiated between the two parties outside the Court, and then brought to the Court who will usually approve if the two parties have come to have mutually agreed.

Additionally, the Court may order a parent to contribute to future medical or dental expenses, vacations, camp fees and private schooling. Another aspect to consider is the obligation of the parents to contribute to the child's higher educational or college costs; this may also be part of the child support settlement.

If you are being sued for child support or you are petitioning the courts in order to receive child support, contact our firm to receive an initial consultation regarding the specifics of your case.

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