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Are you or someone you care about facing an issue of child custody in Orange County? If so, Orange County child custody attorney Marc E. Mitzner may be able help you. It is often said that until one becomes a parent one cannot truly experience "unconditional love". Many people also say that once one has become a parent, it totally changed their perspective and priorities in life. It is generally accepted around the world that in normal circumstances a universal emotion of connectedness and care is present between a parent and child. Also, in many cultures both parents are recognized as being needed to influence, nurture and help the child to develop optimally.

Child Custody May be the Most Sensitive Issue in a Divorce

The Courts recognize this natural bond of child with each parent as something inalienable. In order to deny one or the other parent custody, there must be strong grounds proved to the Court that it is in the best interest of the child to not be in close association with one or the other parent. It is up to the accusing parent to prove the other parent is "unfit", to the degree that association with the child would be more of a detrimental, rather than positive, association. The issue of who will raise the child or children is a question that has many facets - physically, environmentally, emotionally, educationally and spiritually. The Courts will always do their best to side with the action that is "in the best interest of the child".

What happens in the case of child custody too often, however, is that the child or children may become a "bargaining point", or worse, "emotional tyranny" occurs being played out by using the child as an object. In other words, one parent , knowing how much the other parent loves and has a deep bond with the child, may use that love to try to hurt the former spouse. Statements may be made like "if you divorce me I will make sure you will never see our son again". Or "you are not going to get off easy - I will do all I can to show what an unfit father you really are!" These kinds of hurtful remarks (and worse) often make the child custody issue the most damaging and potentially destructive of all the elements which comprise a divorce action.

Even in times where the ex-spouses start off very agreeable, it is still advisable to have proper legal counsel so that your rights and privileges as a parent will be protected by law into the future. In this way, you will not be subject to the whims of the other parent and will have a legal document that may be enforced if necessary.

In this most important issue, it is understandably advised to have legal counsel who is wise and experienced in the child custody courts. If you or your spouse have decided to agree or disagree on the shape of how custody should be structured in your Orange County child custody case, hiring a caring child custody attorney may make difference in the process and outcome of your case. Hiring a child custody lawyer may be the smartest thing you can do to have reputable, legal assistance on your side in a matter that is so dear to your heart.

If you need an attorney to fight for your child custody rights, contact lawyer, Marc E. Mitzner. With almost 20 years of experience in divorce and family law, exclusively, and over a thousand satisfied clients in the Orange County area- he understands child custody law. Contact him today for a free consultation and analysis of your case.

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